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I aspire to create through the inspirations that surround me – from thoughts to visuals. I capture images with cameras, document thoughts with a pen & paper, create visuals with colors and textures, and illustrate my life through the medium of art. I am an indigenous (Yankton Sioux – Ihanktonwan Dakota) contemporary artist. I am David Bernie.
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David Bernie Poison the Indians Indian Country 52 12

Indian Country 52 #12 – Poison the Indians

Articles "The compound, known as Silvex, was deployed as part of a little-known test effort from 1961 to 1972 to wipe out water-hungry vegetation on the San Carlos Apache Reservation, part of a larger effort by the federal government to protect scarce groundwater in the newly...

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David Bernie Rename Squaw Peak Indian Country 52 11

Indian Country 52 #11 – Rename Squaw Peak

Articles "Every year, half a million hikers scale 2,600-foot Piestewa Peak, one of the highest crests in Phoenix and recently renamed as a memorial to Army Spc. Lori Piestewa, the first Native American woman to die in combat on foreign soil. But to reach the hiking...

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David Bernie No Back 40 Mine Indian Country 52 10

Indian Country 52 #10 – No Back 40 Mine

Articles "Seeking to halt the Back Forty Mine, the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin has formally filed a petition for a contested case hearing on the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality’s (MDEQ) approval of the Back Forty Mine Permit issued on December 28, 2016. The Menominee...

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David Bernie Federal Tea Indian Country 52 9

Indian Country 52 #9 – Federal Tea

Articles "In May of 2000, during a random test of the water supply in the farming town of Walkerton, Ontario, traces of e-coli were found in a shallow water supply well. This was the result of cattle manure washing into the well. People in the town started to...

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David Bernie Nuclear Waste Iroquois Indian Country 52 8

Indian Country 52 #8 – Nuclear Waste

Articles "Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) currently being stored at the nuclear facility at Chalk River, Ontario, is to be transported to a facility in South Carolina for processing. The plan stems from a 2010 agreement that would allow the United States to repatriate the radioactive material, which...

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David Bernie Liquid Genocide Indian Country 52 7

Indian Country 52 #7 – Liquid Genocide

Articles "The stores have been facing increasing legal and political pressure, and state liquor regulators are meeting next month to discuss the stores’ licenses. Still, some activists have their doubts. Olowan Martinez, an Oglala Lakota activist who has led protests against Whiteclay, said she would be thrilled...

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David Bernie Dismantle the Oligarchy Indian Country 52 6

Indian Country 52 #6 – Dismantle the Oligarchy

Articles "Conservative leadership contender Steven Blaney says that by dismantling First Nations reserves, indigenous people can move forward to become "fully Canadian." "Reserves are not helping First Nations to grow. I say we need to dismantle reserves, because we know it is the core, the source of...

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David Bernie Broken by Design Canada Health Indian Country 52 5

Indian Country 52 #5 – Broken by Design

Article "Senior bureaucrats tasked with providing health care to Canada's First Nations children say they have had trouble spending new money aimed at closing care gaps because the system is "broken" and there is a lack of capacity on the ground in Indigenous communities. More than a...

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David Bernie Canoe Sheds for First Nations Youth Centres Indian Country 52 4

Indian Country 52 #4 – Canoe Sheds for Youth Centres

Articles "A First Nations NDP MP has written a biting, satirical letter to Justin Trudeau to "thank" him for controversial remarks he made about Indigenous youth, while taking aim at the prime minister's suggestion that some chiefs are out of touch with the needs of young...

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David Bernie Here's Donnie NODAPL Indian Country 52 3

Indian Country 52 #3 – Here’s Donnie!

Articles "The hits just keep on coming for the environmental community. On Tuesday, President Trump signed executive memoranda aimed at advancing construction of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, projects heavily protested by climate activists and members of Native American and Aboriginal tribes as potentially...

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David Bernie Neocolonialism Zuckerberg Hawai'i Indian Country 52 2

Indian Country 52 #2 – Neocolonialism

Articles "Two days later, Zuckerberg’s lawyers filed lawsuits against hundreds of Hawaiians who may own an interest in small parcels within the boundaries of Zuckerberg’s estate. The “quiet title” suits, first reported by the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, are used to clarify the often complicated history of land...

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David Bernie Sixties Scoop II Indian Country 52 1

Indian Country 53 #1 – Sixties Scoop II

Articles "Lawyers for indigenous people who were removed as children from their homes on reserves to be placed with non-aboriginal families are furious after the federal Liberal government asked a judge to consider withholding his imminent verdict in the now eight-year-old case. The Justice Department wrote this...

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David Bernie Topple Colonialism Indian Country 52 39

Indian Country 52 #39 – Topple Colonialism

Article "A group of anti-capitalist councillors in Barcelona are hoping to topple the statue of Christopher Columbus that has stood at the foot of La Rambla for more than a century, arguing that the city should not be celebrating the explorer’s colonial legacy. The 197ft (60-metre) high...

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David Bernie World News 28 Afro South Africa School Pretoria Girls

World News #28 – They Fear The Fro

Articles "Black South African girls as young as 14 have resorted to public protests for the right to wear their natural hair at a prestigious, formerly whites only school. The image of a schoolgirl sporting an Afro and standing up to a white man went viral...

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David Bernie Dogs of Conquest Indian Country 52 35

Indian Country 52 #35 – Dogs of Conquest

Articles "As the protesters have grown in number, they’ve increasingly come into conflict with law enforcement and pipeline workers. Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein was charged this week with criminal trespass and criminal mischief after allegedly spray-painting a bulldozer with the words “I approve this message.”...

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David Bernie World News 27 Dolla Dolla Heather Bresch Mylan Epipen

World News #27 – Dolla Dolla

Articles "EpiPen prices aren't the only thing to jump at Mylan. Executive salaries have also seen a stratospheric uptick. Proxy filings show that from 2007 to 2015, Mylan CEO Heather Bresch's total compensation went from $2,453,456 to $18,931,068, a 671 percent increase. During the same period, the...

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