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I aspire to create through the inspirations that surround me – from thoughts to visuals. I capture images with cameras, document thoughts with a pen & paper, create visuals with colors and textures, and illustrate my life through the medium of art. I am an indigenous (Yankton Sioux – Ihanktonwan Dakota) contemporary artist. I am David Bernie.
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David Bernie Equality Two Spirited Indian Country 52 Week 46

Indian Country 52 #46 – Equality

Articles "The Little Traverse Bay Bands (LTBB) of Odawa Indians in Harbor Springs, Michigan made history March 3 when their council voted 5–4 to recognize same-sex marriages on their reservation."  - Indian Country Today, Same-Sex Marriage Is A-OK With Little Traverse Bay Bands   "Although Oklahoma prohibits same-sex marriages,...

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David Bernie Dakota 38 Indian Country 52 Week 44

Indian Country 52 #44 – Dakota 38

Articles "December 26, 1862: thirty-eight Dakota Indians were hanged in Mankato, Minnesota, in the largest mass execution in US history–on orders of President Abraham Lincoln. The execution took place on a giant square scaffold in the center of town, in front of an audience of hundreds of...

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David Bernie OIL North Dakota Indian Country 52 Week 44

Indian Country 52 #43 – OIL (North Dakota)

Articles "North Dakota, the nation's No. 2 oil producer behind Texas, recorded nearly 300 oil pipeline spills in less than two years, state documents show. None was reported to the public, officials said." - Huffington Post, Nearly 300 Pipeline Spills In North Dakota Have Gone Unreported...

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David Bernie 600 MMIW Indian Country 52 Week 42

Indian Country 52 #42 – 600 (MMIW)

Articles "Anaya says a national inquiry would ensure a co-ordinated response to the problem and allow the families of victims to be heard. He says such an inquiry would also demonstrate a responsiveness to aboriginal concerns. It is estimated there are close to 600 cases of missing and...

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David Bernie Unlearn Columbus Indian Country 52 Week 41

Indian Country 52 #41 – Unlearn

"Secondly, this co-opt of discovery is truly just coded language for playing the racial superiority game. It is deeply rooted in the idea that whomever discovers first gets to claim, and whoever can claim more is obviously superior. This is a heavily colonized attitude wherein...

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David Bernie Plight Indian Country 52 Week 40

Indian Country 52 #40 – Plight

Articles "The Oglala Sioux Tribe is laying off 118 people after running out of money due to the federal government shutdown, Tribal President Bryan Brewer said Tuesday. Brewer said the temporary layoffs on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation will hurt programs that provide meals to older people,...

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David Bernie Eviction Leif South Dakota Indian Country 52 Week 39

Indian Country 52 #39 – Eviction

Articles "The Southern Poverty Law Center and The Bismarck Tribune revealed that the man, Paul Craig Cobb, 61, has been buying up property in this town of 24 people in an effort to transform it into a colony for white supremacists. In the past two years, Mr....

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David Bernie Reconciliation Indian Country 52 Week 38

Indian Country 52 #38 – Reconciliation

Articles "In the 19th century, the Canadian government believed it was responsible for educating and caring for aboriginal people in Canada. It thought their best chance for success was to learn English and adopt Christianity and Canadian customs. Ideally, they would pass their adopted lifestyle on...

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David Bernie Poverty Reservations Indian Country 52 Week 37

Indian Country 52 #37 – Poverty

Articles "Estimating the economic well-being of American Indians is a complex task. In general, American Indians tend to have higher poverty rates, higher unemployment rates, and lower educational achievements that other Americans. However, the picture is complicated by the fact that some Indians live on reservations...

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David Bernie Usury Credit Indian Country 52 Week 36

Indian Country 52 #36 – Usury Credit

Articles "Western Sky Financial, a South-Dakota-based online lender that's become infamous for its sky-high interest rates, is finally being sued. New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman announced Tuesday that his office has filed a lawsuit against Western Sky for charging rates that far exceed what...

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David Bernie Wakanheza Indian Country 52 Week 35

Indian Country 52 #35 – Wakanheza

Article "In fact, Indian Country Today Media Network has learned that Raymond Godwin allegedly told another lawyer in South Carolina, who declined to be identified, that he placed “upwards of 50 Native American children from North Dakota” last year alone. In that conversation, Godwin said that...

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David Bernie Never Firewater Indian Country 52 Week 34

Indian Country 52 #34 – Firewater

Articles "Whiteclay, Nebraska, sells more beer per capita than any town in America. In 2009, the most recent year for which we have statistics, the four liquor stores in the town of about a dozen full-time residents sold 4.6 million cans of beer. Or roughly 383,333...

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David Bernie Redacted Indian Country 52 Week 33

Indian Country 52 #33 – Redacted

Articles "Darrell Green and Art Monk, who played a combined 34 seasons with the Redskins, spoke with WTOP radio in Washington D.C. and said that the organization should consider changing the team name. "[If] Native Americans feel like Redskins or the Chiefs or [another] name is offensive...

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