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I aspire to create through the inspirations that surround me – from thoughts to visuals. I capture images with cameras, document thoughts with a pen & paper, create visuals with colors and textures, and illustrate my life through the medium of art. I am an indigenous (Yankton Sioux – Ihanktonwan Dakota) contemporary artist. I am David Bernie.
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Minnesota Sex Trafficking Native American Girls Indian Country 52 by David Bernie. Poster.

Indian Country 52 #46 – Minnesota Sex Trafficking

Articles "A recent study “Mapping the Market for Sex with Trafficked Minor Girls in Minneapolis: Structures, Functions and Patterns,” reveals how pimps and gangs ruthlessly sort and prepare their “product” (young girls) for maximum financial return. Lauren Martin and Sandi Pierce are the two lead researchers...

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David Bernie Oglala Lakota County Indian Country 52 Week 45

Indian Country 52 #45 – Oglala Lakota County

Articles "Voters on the Pine Ridge Reservation overwhelmingly approved a ballot measure to change the name of their county on Tuesday. Shannon County will now be known as Oglala Lakota County. The measure passed with 80 percent of the vote, according to the Secretary of State." -...

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David Bernie Restricted Voting South Dakota Indian Country 52 Week 44

Indian Country 52 #44 – Restricted Voting

"“Voters walking into the polling place would see the sheriff there and veer off,” said Donna Semans, the Rosebud Sioux field coordinator for Four Directions voting-rights group. “If I was driving them to the polls, they’d spot the sheriff’s vehicle out front and tell me,...

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David Bernie BIA School Supplies Indian Country 52 Week 43

Indian Country 52 #43 – School Supplies (BIA)

Articles "Federally owned schools for Native Americans on reservations are marked by remoteness, extreme poverty and a lack of construction dollars. They also are among the nation's lowest performing. The Obama administration is pushing ahead with an improvement plan that gives tribes more control. But the effort...

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David Bernie 115 Shelly Redskins Mascot Indian Country 52 Week 42

Indian Country 52 #42 – 115

Articles "Numerous sources have claimed that Shelly is not held in very high regard with the Navajos, as seen in his seventh-place finish in the August primaries for Navajo president, which Deadspin reported Sunday afternoon. Shelly was also charged with fraud, conspiracy and theft in 2010 in...

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David Bernie 43 Missing Students Mexico World News 2

World News #2 – 43 Missing Students I

Articles "The students went missing on September 26 after trying to collect money to attend upcoming protests against discriminatory hiring practices for teachers, according to the Guardian. The students were in Iguala, a town about two and a half hours inland from Acapulco. After fundraising and...

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David Bernie Just Undo It Nike N7 Chief Wahoo Indian Country 52 Week 41

Indian Country 52 #41 – Just Undo It

Articles "A Native American group on Monday called on Nike to stop producing products with that feature the Cleveland Indians’ mascot Chief Wahoo. “We ask that Nike live up to its dedication to inclusion,” says a news release issued by the group called “Eradicating Offensive Native Mascotry.”...

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David Bernie Restore the Bison Indian Country 52 Week 40

Indian Country 52 #40 – Restore the Bison

Articles "Native tribes from the U.S. and Canada signed a treaty Tuesday establishing an inter-tribal alliance to restore bison to areas of the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains where millions of the animals once roamed. Leaders of 11 tribes from Montana and Alberta signed the pact during...

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David Bernie Full Universal Suffrage Hong Kong World News 1

World News #1 – Full Universal Suffrage

Articles "A wave of protest in Hong Kong that engulfed the city could continue into the week as thousands of residents defied a government call on Monday to abandon street blockades, students boycotted classes and the city’s influential bar association added its condemnation of a police...

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David Bernie Disrespect Redskins Indian Country 52 Week 39

Indian Country 52 #39 – Disrespect

Articles "There were points during that hour-long experience where I actually was afraid for my life. I have never been so blatantly threatened, mocked or jeered. It was so intense, so full of vitriol that none of the footage ended up being used in the segment....

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David Bernie Am I Next MMIW Indian Country 52 Week 38

Indian Country 52 #38 – Am I Next? (MMIW)

Articles "A new online campaign is hoping to raise awareness and push Prime Minister Stephen Harper on the issue of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls. Aboriginal women have begun posting photos of themselves holding signs asking "Am I next?" and — like the ice bucket...

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David Bernie Billy Frank Jr. Indian Country 52 Week 37

Indian Country 52 #37 – Billy

Articles "The 22nd Annual Salmon Homecoming Celebration is set for September 18-20 and Waterfront Park in Seattle will once again come alive with the sounds of Indian dancing, drums and singing and thousands of visitors. This year’s theme, dedicated to the life and memory of the...

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Indian Country 52 #36 – Assaults on Women

Articles "According to the 2011 study, which surveyed 14,155 people, an estimated 19.3 percent of women and 1.7 percent of men said they had been raped. An estimated 43.9 percent of women and 23.4 percent of men said they suffered some other form of sexual violence....

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Indian Country 52 #35 – Retire Chief Wahoo

Articles "Another obvious and positive development, and one that won’t prevent us from continuing to call on the team and others in media to do the same. In reporting on this issue in the recent past, it became clear to me that Native American groups consider...

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David Bernie Kill the Indian Save the Man Indian Country 52 Week 34

Indian Country 53 #34 – Save the Man

Articles "When all other Seminole, Texas students were headed to their first day of school on Monday, one little boy was sent home because his hair was too long. The five-year-old boy, Malachi Wilson, is a part of the Navajo Nation, and according to his parents,...

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David Bernie Love Water not Oil Indian Country 52 Week 33

Indian Country 52 #33 – Love Water not Oil

Articles "Winona LaDuke, executive director of Native environmental group Honor the Earth, launched the “Love Water Not Oil” horse ride this week to draw attention to the group’s continued opposition to the Enbridge Sandpiper pipeline. It would carry fracked oil from North Dakota’s Bakken shale oil...

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