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I aspire to create through the inspirations that surround me – from thoughts to visuals. I capture images with cameras, document thoughts with a pen & paper, create visuals with colors and textures, and illustrate my life through the medium of art. I am an indigenous (Yankton Sioux – Ihanktonwan Dakota) contemporary artist. I am David Bernie.
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David Bernie Kill the Indian Save the Man Indian Country 52 Week 34

Indian Country 53 #34 – Save the Man

Articles "When all other Seminole, Texas students were headed to their first day of school on Monday, one little boy was sent home because his hair was too long. The five-year-old boy, Malachi Wilson, is a part of the Navajo Nation, and according to his parents,...

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David Bernie Love Water not Oil Indian Country 52 Week 33

Indian Country 52 #33 – Love Water not Oil

Articles "Winona LaDuke, executive director of Native environmental group Honor the Earth, launched the “Love Water Not Oil” horse ride this week to draw attention to the group’s continued opposition to the Enbridge Sandpiper pipeline. It would carry fracked oil from North Dakota’s Bakken shale oil...

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David Bernie Predatorial Phauxlanthropy Redskins Indian Country 52 Week 32

Indian Country 52 #32 – Predatorial Fauxlanthropy

Articles "The Zuni Pueblo tribe sent notice to Native artists that representatives of the Washington NFL team's Original Americans Foundation will be in Zuni, N.M., on Monday afternoon to buy jewelry, pottery, etchings and other artwork. "Preferred items will be those that have the Washington Redskins team...

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David Bernie Residential Exposure Boarding Schools Indian Country 52 Week 30

Indian Country 52 #31 – Residential Exposure

Articles ""People talked to us about hearing loss that came with being whacked at the side of the head. That seemed to have been something that happened on a very common basis at some of the institutions," she said. "There were a number of accounts of children...

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David Bernie Hipster's Paradise No Headdress Indian Country 52 Week 30

Indian Country 52 #30 – Hipster’s Paradise

Articles "People make a lot of poor decisions at festivals: drinking too much, letting their skin burn to a lobster-red crisp and committing an act of cultural appropriation that has been PO’ing Native people for years. … We’ll let that last one sink in for a...

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David Bernie Schimmel Indian Country 52 Week 29

Indian Country 52 #29 – Schimmel

Articles "Shoni Schimmel, a rookie who doesn't even start for her own team, put on a record-breaking performance — scoring 29 points to help the East beat the West 125-124 on Saturday in the first WNBA All-Star game to go to overtime." - NY Times, Schimmel's...

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David Bernie Sakakwea Sea Indian Country 52 Week 28

Indian Country 52 #28 – Sakakawea Sea

Articles "Around 1 million gallons of saltwater has leaked from a North Dakota pipeline, some of it into a bay that leads to a lake that provides drinking water for an American Indian reservation, company and tribe officials said Wednesday. Three Affiliated Tribes Chairman Tex Hall told...

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David Bernie Oil Sands Cancer Indian Country 52 Week 27

Indian Country 52 #27 – Oil Sands Cancer

Articles "A new study by two Alberta First Nations and University of Manitoba scientists says there is a link between oilsands pollutants and higher levels of heavy metals in wildlife, and higher cancer rates in residents. "There's something unique that is happening in Fort Chipewyan," Stephane McLachlan,...

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David Bernie Redskin Definition Indian Country 52 Week 26

Indian Country 52 #26 – Redskins

Article "The word “redskin” is getting a tweaked designation on when it comes out with its next edition: It’s officially being labeled as “disparaging and offensive” — in all cases, not just some. “In our next update, we’re removing ’often’ so the label just reads ’Slang:...

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David Bernie Clean Water First Nations Indian Country 52 Week 25

Indian Country 52 #25 – Clean Water

Articles "Safe drinking water on reserves has been a public issue since before 2003, when a government report found three-quarters of all water systems on reserves were at high or medium risk of failure. Two years later, the auditor general found higher standards needed to be backed...

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David Bernie Guarani Sugar Coca Cola Indian Country 52 Week 24

Indian Country 52 #24 – Let the Guarani live

Articles "Coca-Cola, one of the World Cup’s main sponsors, is implicated in the landgrabbing scandalwhich has brought misery and death to the Guarani. Coca-Cola has been sourcing sugar from U.S. food giant Bunge – which in turn is buying sugar cane from land which has been...

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David Bernie Navajo Code Talkers Indian Country 52 Week 23

Indian Country 52 #23 – Navajo Code Talkers

Articles "U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Kyle Lewis paused under a tree after presenting a folded United States flag to the family of the late Navajo Code Talker Chester Nez." - Daily Times, Chester Nez, last of original Navajo Code Talkers, laid to rest in Santa...

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David Bernie Indian Citizenship Act Indian Country 52 Week 22

Indian Country 52 #22 – Indian Citizenship

Article "On this day in 1924, President Calvin Coolidge signed into law the Indian Citizenship Act, which granted citizenship to all Native Americans born in the United States, thousands of whom had served in the armed forces during World War I. While the 14th Amendment had defined...

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David Bernie Highway of Tears Canada MMIW Indian Country 52 Week 21

Indian Country 52 #21- Highway of Tears

Articles "At least 18 women and girls, many of them aboriginal, have been murdered or disappeared along Highway 16 and the adjacent Highways 5 and 97 since 1969. Many of them were believed to be hitchhiking when they were last seen alive, and some of the recommendations...

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David Bernie 1181 MMIW Indian Country 52 Week 20

Indian Country 52 #20 – 1181 (MMIW)

Articles "A report published by the RCMP on Friday found that there has been a total of 1,181 reported cases of murdered and missing aboriginal women over the past 30 years — a number the RCMP concedes "exceeds previous public estimates. In an interview airing Saturday on...

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David Bernie Caucasionally Racist Indian Country 52 Week 19

Indian Country 52 #19 – Caucasionally Racist

Articles "On Saturday May 10, a group of University of North Dakota students wore T-shirts emblazoned with the words “Siouxper Drunk” accompanied by a chief in a headdress drinking from a beer bong as part of a Springfest celebration. The shirts were discovered by Native students...

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