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I aspire to create through the inspirations that surround me – from thoughts to visuals. I capture images with cameras, document thoughts with a pen & paper, create visuals with colors and textures, and illustrate my life through the medium of art. I am an indigenous (Yankton Sioux – Ihanktonwan Dakota) contemporary artist. I am David Bernie.
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David Bernie Abolish Columbus Day Country 52 Week 44

Indian Country 52 #44 – Abolish Columbus

Article "It was an orgy of looting and butchery, faithfully recorded by eyewitnesses. The accounts are too graphic to quote, but they detail the widespread massacres, including of children, dashing out their brains, and even feeding them to the armoured attack dogs. This senseless savagery was...

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David Bernie Water Quality First Nations Indian Country 52 Week 43

Indian Country 52 #43 – Water Quality

Article "Two-thirds of all First Nation communities in Canada have been under at least one drinking water advisory at some time in the last decade, a CBC News investigation has revealed. The numbers show that 400 out of 618 First Nations in the country had some...

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David Bernie Every Child Matters First Nations Indian Country 52 Week 42

Indian Country 52 #42 – Every Child Matters

Article "Wearing orange T-shirts that read "All children matter" some 200 aboriginal people and their allies walked from City Hall to Pope John Paul II Senior Elementary School in Thunder Bay, Ont. on Wednesday to raise awareness about the legacy of residential schools. The elementary school was...

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David Bernie Sex Trafficking North Dakota Indian Country 52 Week 41

Indian Country 52 #41 – Sex Trafficking

Article "Six years ago, teenage girls on Fort Berthold, a Native American reservation in North Dakota, started showing up at school with unusual things: manicured nails, fancy makeup, iPods, brand-new cell phones. In a place where the poverty rate is often more than three times the...

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David Bernie Discrimination Abuse Indian Country 52 Week 40

Indian Country 52 #40 – Discrimination and Abuse

Article "Five years ago, psychiatrist R. Dale Walker was invited to a small Northern Plains reservation that had suffered 17 suicides in eight months. It was there, listening in a group therapy meeting, that he first heard the phrase "grieved out." Walker, who specializes in American Indian...

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David Bernie Decolonize Serra Indian Country 52 Week 39

Indian Country 52 #39 – Decanonize

Article "Lopez’s tribe wasn’t the only one to write letters to the pope opposing the canonization. In fact, according to NCR, a total of 55 tribes have written him letters, and an online petition has gathered more than 10,000 signatures. The letters and petition detailed the...

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David Bernie Sixties Scoop First Nations Indian Country 52 Week 38

Indian Country 52 #38 – Sixties Scoop never ended

Article "Manitoba is seizing a record number of newborns – as many as 40 in one month from one downtown Winnipeg hospital – rather than supporting parents, Morgan said. Numbers tabled in the legislature in May show that, between 2008 and 2014, Manitoba has consistently apprehended between...

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David Bernie She had some Horses Indian Country 52 Week 37

Indian Country 52 #37 – She had some Horses

Article "Poet Joy Harjo, known for wedding social consciousness to her Muskogee Creek heritage and the south-west American landscape, has won a $100,000 prize for lifetime achievement. Harjo, 64, received the Wallace Stevens award for “proven mastery”, the Academy of American Poets announced on Thursday. The academy...

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David Bernie Assimilate Indian Country 52 Week 35

Indian Country 52 #36 – Assimilate

Article ""I think assimilation is an amazing thing," Paul told Ingraham. "A good example of how, even in our country, assimilation didn't happen — and it has been a disaster for the people — has been the Native American population on the reservations. "If they were...

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Indian Country 52 #35 – Billy Frank Jr Street

Articles "Indian Street will likely be renamed Billy Frank Jr. Street, after the Bellingham City Council asked staff to make the change. Council member Terry Bornemann requested the change, which was supported by the full council at its Monday, June 15, meeting. Council member Roxanne Murphy, a member...

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David Bernie No Natives Please Indian Country 52 Week 34

Indian Country 52 #34 – No Natives Please

Articles "A Kijiji ad to rent a three-bedroom home in Prince Albert, Sask., has been pulled after complaints of racism. The title of the ad read, "3 bedroom east flat house, no natives please." The text of the ad said newcomers to Canada were welcome, "but aboriginals will...

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David Bernie Contamination EPA Navajo Indian Country 52 Week 33

Indian Country 52 #33 – Contamination (EPA)

Articles "One of the largest communities of Navajo farmers along the San Juan River has voted to keep irrigation canals closed for at least a year following a spill of toxic sludge at a Colorado gold mine. The unanimous vote by more than 100 farmers in Shiprock,...

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David Bernie Boy Scouts America Appropriation Indian Country 52 Week 32

Indian Country 52 #32 – Boy Scouts of Appropriation

Article "Amidst the 2015 National Order of the Arrow Conference on campus this week, students have taken issue to the Boy Scout's use of Native American culture and imagery. Anthropology senior Hayley Cook and alumnus Dan Grenzicki set out to paint the Rock on Farm Lane...

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David Bernie Bullet Target Native Americans Indian Country 52 Week 31

Indian Country 52 #31 – Bullet and a Target

Article "Nearly 100 people demonstrated in downtown Denver earlier this week after police there shot and killed 35-year-old Paul Castaway on July 12. Police said the man was coming towards an officer with a knife, but his family and witnesses on the scene dispute those claims...

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David Bernie Redskins Cheyenne River Sioux Rejected Indian Country 52 Week 30

Indian Country 52 #30 – Return to Offender

Articles "South Dakota Native American tribe’s leaders voted Wednesday to reject all money – including an already-offered $25,000 – from the Washington Redskins and the foundation that team owner Daniel Snyder created to help Indians. Ryman LeBeau, a member of the Cheyenne River Sioux council, posted the...

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David Bernie Paying Indian Churchill Smith Indian Country 52 Week 29

Indian Country 52 #29 – Playing Indian

Articles "Smith’s self-acknowledged false claims and lack of clarity on her own identity perpetuate deeply ingrained notions of race—black, white, and Indian—that run counter to indigenous modes of kinship, family, and community connection. When she and others continue to produce her as Cherokee, indigenous, and/or as...

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