App: David Bernie and Rez Dogs - David Bernie
Rez Dogs is a premier emoji and animated GIF sticker iOS iMessage app for sharing indigenous-themed dog images and GIFs via messaging and email.
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David Bernie Rez Dogs iMessage Stickers App iOS

App: David Bernie and Rez Dogs

Their days consist of roaming reservations looking for other Rez Dogs to join the pack to seek out trouble. They eventually make their way home and track dirt, ticks, and dead animals into the house. It might not be their residence but they find a home with food. Instead of shooing them away or calling for them to come inside, why not put the Rez Dogs to work.

We have gathered a band of misfits to assist you with your daily communications. These mutts have taken a break from their eventful schedules to gather a collection of fun and expressive messages for you. Show your appreciation for these derelicts and send them off to friends and family.

With your sticker pack purchase, updates will include additional stickers and animations. These Rez Dogs will be feverishly roaming the rez brainstorming ideas for new stickers.

Be on the look out for future releases of stickers packs.

The Rez Dogs iMessage sticker app can be downloaded from the iMessage App Store.
Rez Dog iMessage Sticker App David Bernie

Rez Dog features:
27 Rez Dog sticker emojis
27 Rez Dog animated emojis

How to use Rez Dog stickers:
TAP on a sticker to add it to your message thread.
TAP, HOLD & DROP stickers on top of message bubbles and photos.
LAYER stickers over each other, messages, and images in your conversations in iMessage.
SCALE & ROTATE stickers by using a second finger before you place it on the bubble.